Restoring chevy truck

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Restoring chevy truck

Our unmatched commitment to providing quality parts for your classic Chevy Truck is what sets us apart from our competitors. When the details matter, trust NPD's knowledgable staff to guide you to the right part at the right price.

Offering Chevy Truck parts from top vendors in the industry.

restoring chevy truck

Whether it be replacement Chevy Truck parts, restoration quality Chevy Truck parts, or concours quality Chevy Truck restoration parts; we have it and in stock. Like you, we live and breath the restoration hobby and take great pride in helping restore our American History.

How to Restore Chevy Trucks

From correct emblems and decals to seat upholstery and sheet metal, NPD has everything you need. With our huge selection of Chevy Truck parts, there is no need to go anywhere else for your Chevy Truck parts needs. Our inventory is constantly expanding, ensuring that we provide you with the largest, most up to date selection of Chevrolet Truck parts available. NPD has your project covered from start to finish. We carry Chevy Truck parts for,,,,,,, and models. All Vehicle Years Toggle navigation. Year Filter All Years Search Cancel.

Show More. Checkout Continue Shopping.Restoring an old truck can be a long drawn out process. However; it will be worth it in the end, when you look at the final result. Old trucks can go from looking, dull and tired, to looking, shiny and new.

All it requires is, a little time and dedication. It also requires some skill and attention to detail. Take the time to research the parts that you are going to need for your truck. For example, if you have a popular truck like a Ford, then you should have no trouble finding parts. However, if you have a truck that is not very common such as a Hudson, then it may require more work to find parts.

You could look into things like parts networks and newsletters to see if you can locate the required parts. Decide on the type of restoration you are going to carry out.

For example, you may want to restore the entire vehicle, which is called a full body-off restoration or you could opt for a semi restoration. A full body-off restoration, basically means that, the whole vehicle is taken apart and rebuilt. The semi restoration is when, the truck is restored but the engine stays in place. Work out exactly how much you want to spend on restoring your truck.

Put money aside for contingencies and write a list to make sure you have everything you need before you begin. Tidy your work space and put all your tools and implements in order. Take a picture of your workspace and the truck at the first stage.

Get a folder to put all the pictures in and document it every step of the way until completion. Take the truck apart until you reach the frame. Ask your work partner to aid you in taking out the cargo box. Take it to a specialist restoration garage to get it sanded and painted.Generally speaking, old trucks are easier to restore than old cars.

They're simpler in design, have less parts, and since most manufacturers kept truck models the same for many years, parts are cheaper and easier to find. They also have less costly trim pieces, particularly chrome. Another advantage of restoring an old truck versus an old car is, you probably don't need nor want it to be in show-quality condition.

Just reliable enough to go down to the local supermarket, move some furniture, or take a trip to the home improvement store. And it'll still turn heads wherever you go. Four-wheel-drive trucks have advantages, like driving in snow and going off-road. But most of the time it's not needed, and 4WD trucks do require more maintenance. They also give worse gas mileage, and in some cases a worse ride. On the plus side, they generally have a higher resale value. For the average enthusiast, a two-wheel-drive truck will be satisfactory.

So unless you're planning on off-roading with your classic truck, go for a 2WD pickup. Are you willing to give up a creature comforts like power steering, air conditioning, and power windows? The good news is you don't have to. In my neck of the woods North Carolina there's plenty of old trucks still around. The ones that come up for sale are usually beat up and in need of work, but they're affordable. In no particular order, here is my list of five best candidates for driver-quality classic truck restorations.

Certainly one of the most popular classic American trucks continues to be the second-generation Ford F-Series pickup series. After 60 years, you still see them on the road. These are perfect candidates for a driver-quality restoration. PLUS: Easy to work on, full-frame vehicle, swap in whatever motor you like. And there's nothing cooler than popping open your hood to show off your flathead Ford V8. Virtually everything will need to be gone over; suspension, brakes, drivetrain, just to get it road-worthy.

The Task Force series of trucks was quite a departure from Chevrolet's existing line of pickups. Smooth, rounded sheet-metal replaced the old pontoon-style fenders. Large wrap-around windshield glass offered better visibility and gave a more contemporary look.Click to Get an Estimate.

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Are you ready to give yourself the gift of Chevrolet restoration? Whether you have a Chevy truck needing of car restoration or a vintage Chevrolet that has a tender place in your heart, we provide exceptional Chevrolet restoration and Chevy truck restoration at Precision Restorations. Chevrolet, also known as Chevy, began as a brand of automobiles produced by General Motors Company.

The Chevrolet lines include a full range of automobiles: from sub-compact cars to medium-duty commercial trucks. Chevy fans are a loyal bunch and we have seen many Chevrolet restorations and Chevy truck restorations at Precision Restorations. True vintage car restoration is a real dream come true for many of our clients and the Precision Restorations staff alike, and we take pride in our abilities to do the Chevrolet restoration right the first time.

If you are ready for classic car restoration of your Chevrolet or Chevy truck to its former glory, call the staff at Precision Restorations for vintage Chevrolet restoration. We can advise you on a full vintage Chevy truck restoration, or a partial vintage Chevrolet restoration, depending upon your budget, how heavily you drive your vehicles, or whether you participate in vintage auto shows. Our auto body restoration experts carefully plan and properly complete all body work and fabrication services to ensure excellence.

We can also handle collision repair. Learn More. We don't send your car somewhere else for auto interior restoration, we have our own upholstry shop in-house, and are the leaders at interior car customization. Our auto mechanical experts handle everything from a simple tune up to a full custom mechanical upgrade. We provide concise estimates and quality assurance.

The key to a perfect custom car paint job is flawless auto body restoration. Our in-house paint experts meticulously check and re-check your car to ensure a smooth finish. Blog Careers. Chevrolet Restoration Click to Get an Estimate. Write a Review Read Testimonials. Our Services Our auto body restoration experts carefully plan and properly complete all body work and fabrication services to ensure excellence.

Connect with us! Call Today! Patches Paint.There are so many great things to say about Chevrolet pickup trucks in general, let alone the total classics built from through These trucks have maintained a solid popularity over the years and that popularity has only steadily increased, even now, well into the beginning of the 21st century. The small-block equipped versions of these loaded trucks quickly follow in popularity and scarcity.

Most people want to modify and restore their trucks with modern upgrades. The number of people doing factory-perfect, numbers-matching restorations is very small. There are two reasons for this:. As the popularity of these classic trucks has grown, so has the scarcity of original parts to repair and restore them.

The availability of high-quality reproduction parts has made it much easier and less expensive to own one of these awesome trucks. Another considerable reason to be happy you own a Chevy truck is the great deal of interchangeability among Chevy engines, transmissions and rear ends. These trucks have spacious engine compartments, so swaps and add-ons are easy. One of the easiest and most eye-catching things you can do to the engine compartment of your Chevy is to install polished billet aluminum hood hinges.

The original hinges on the hoods of the Chevrolet pickup trucks are made of stamped, pressed steel. These are held together by inferior to what we have now riveting processes and compression springs. You can easily replace the old stamped steel hinges with beautiful polished aluminum. A billet is a solid block of aluminum because aluminum is relatively soft, alloys are added to make it extremely strong and billet parts are created by removing excess material from the billet, actually carving the part out of the aluminum.

Billet aluminum is prized for car parts because it is lightweight and stronger than cast aluminum. A CNC milling machine is used to literally sculpt the hood hinges from the solid block of aluminum, then the hinges are polished and ready to install. Tuckers Classic Auto Parts is a great place to get all the parts you need or want for your Chevy Truck.

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They carry polished billet aluminum hood hinges from Eddie Motorsports. When you are rebuilding, refurbishing or replacing parts on these particular years of Chevy trucks, you want a mechanism even better than the original. You want a mechanism that will stand the test of time and look beautiful while performing the task. Hood hinges from Eddie Motorsports are made from solid chunks of T6 billet aluminum in southern California. They use a stainless steel nitrogen filled strut in place of compression springs to raise and lower the hood.

The hinges also have sealed ball bearings at all pivot points to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Obviously, you cannot order a new Chevy truck, so you have to deal with what is available.Search Search the 'Bolt - more thanpages of info.

Start here if you're hunting! Discussion Forums More than 38, registered Stovebo lters from around the world talking old trucks, and sharing technical help. Gallery More than 3, old truck stories with photos from Stovebolters worldwide!

Tech Tips Helpful tips on truck restoration, identification, preservation; project stories, Build Blogs and Stovebolt histories. Events Find out who's doing what, where and when! See who else is in your neighborhood with an old truck.

restoring chevy truck

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Check for Hoo-yah! Have you checked the forums? You have an old truck and an insatiable desire to work on it, drive it, learn more about it. You are not alone.

ABANDONED 1952 Chevy 3100 Rescued After 40 Years In The Woods! - Turnin Rust

There are others like you The Parking Lot. The Shop Area.Production of the truck models lasted 14 years, making it one of the longest-running generations of pickups generated by Chevy. Many changes occurred throughout its history. For example, between andseveral major modifications included moving the windshield wipers behind the hood, developing a vertical side marker and introducing a leveled hood with less rake.

The trucks also had different hood styles compared to the later models. The C10 represents the half-ton, two-wheel-drive Chevy and the K10 is the half-ton, four-wheel-drive model — and so on.

1938 Chevrolet Truck Restoration and Repairs of Metal Work

Most changes occurred in the body. Chevy decided to dismiss the circular design.

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To contrast the more squared features of the wheel wells, Chevy forged rounded door frames and windshields to create a balanced look. The curved side glass created additional visibility for drivers and reduced blind spots. The short wheelbase increased to Chevy also reduced the front spring rates and staggered the rear shock absorbers to avoid wheel hop.

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Flow-through ventilation was also added, along with larger seats that made for a more comfortable ride. Chevrolet engineers came up with several trim levels inincluding the Custom, Custom Deluxe, Cheyenne and Cheyenne Super.

restoring chevy truck

It was considered one of the first heavy-duty pickups in modern times. As the first truck in the industry with dual rear wheels and a Crew Cab, it could hold up to six people. It was revolutionary. They also dropped the V8 engine and replaced it with thewhich was more powerful. By the second year of production inthe recessed egg-crate grille design from remained. They also applied rain gutters above the doors.

1973-1987 Chevy Truck History & Restoration

InChevy began offering the Silverado trim as their luxury option — and a familiar name we know today. The new trim line quickly became the most popular option, taking the place of the top-ranking Cheyenne Super trim.

The Cheyenne Super was discontinued soon after. The Custom Deluxe became the base model, and Chevy dropped the Custom trim line as well. As a result, the company started to introduce the Scottsdale edition.

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Other additions to hit the production line were HEI ignition and a quick-release tailgate that became a prominent selling feature. Chevy even created a flushed grille with three horizontal bars. The design was a massive change that lasted from to The windshield wiper component also had a new position. InChevrolet began adding zinc to their primer to prevent rusting as people drove the vehicles to work and used them in the fields.

Rubber impact strips in chrome bumpers were a new feature, too. The company worked hard to deliver more hood details and came up with an inside hood release feature. Another new addition was the integration of low-back bucket seats, which later transformed into high-back seats in future versions.

At the time, you could also opt for a rear defroster to enhance visibility during winter. A new grille design entered the formula in the same year, making it the easiest to decipher between the various models. Chevy made a design that got rid of the one horizontal and four vertical dividers from the look. They also introduced the V8 engine, and the wheels were now styled with center caps.

restoring chevy truck


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